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witch standsss

4ac925 asked: im totally in love with your drawing style. could you maybe do a walkthrough/ tutorial thing?? im really interested how you color things. thanks!

i  kind of made a walkthrough post a few months back but i’m not really sure how helpful it is??? here are my brushes.

also here’s a process gif of the last madoka drawing i did if that helps at all 

yooo happy valentine’s day juicy-lover sorry it’s not really valentine’s-day-sy (?) i don’t remember what holidays are

crap bonus araki why edition:


out of time

last year as a follow up to my ‘least hated drawings’ post i posted dumb gilgameshes i drew for may

but!! this year i only drew one gilgamesh so instead here’s some of the dumb jojos shit i did

2013 in review: anime

2014 prediction: probably more anime

shaky hands

commissions for francesca!